The London Mithraeum

There are secrets beneath the streets of London. The Mithraeum is one of London’s newer attractions and is free.

Liberation Day in Amsterdam

Liberation Day is a special commemoration in Holland. The historic walk can be done at any time through the year

Salisbury and Shrouds of the Somme

The Shrouds of the Somme artwork is a poignant display and commemorates the 72396 men who died at the Battle of the Somme who have no known grave.

Bath in Winter

I love Bath in winter. The shops always look so enticing and the golden glow of the stone buildings seems to warm the coldest air. Wintertime is the perfect occasion to visit this beautiful English city and simply explore the historic streets, discover something new, and look for Christmas gifts. Bath Christmas Market is a…

Walking the Causeway at St Michael’s Mount

Snaking across the sands at Marazion the causeway to St Michael’s Mount only reveals itself at low tide. As a child I was captivated by the castle in the sea in Mounts Bay. Overlooking the town of Marazion and dominating Mount’s Bay St Michael’s Mount looks like a fairytale castle in the sea. I used…

Visiting SeaCity

When I was small I remember visiting Southampton to meet my grandparents after their many cruise holidays. Their tales of adventure in far away countries had me reaching for the atlas and planning my journeys. In short, it inspired a lifetime of travel. I noticed Sea City as I walked through Southampton and couldn’t resist…

Malta- In the Footsteps of Relatives

I can remember my grandfather talking with fondness about Malta. He had visited several times thanks to his Naval background but I thought of him as I visited some of Malta’s museums relating to World War Two. In some ways I wish I had listened more when he talked about his travels and I regret…