Home of the Three Wise Men

Famed for Islamic art, ceramics, and exquisite buildings, Kashan was a big surprise on my Iranian journey. The beauty of the town was so unexpected after a long bus journey from Isfahan. But here in Kashan were some of the most exquisite buildings I had come across in Iran.And this was where the Three Wise…

Persepolis- Land of the Persians

The metal frames of tents left behind after the Shah’s infamous 1971 party stood like skeletons beneath ancient ruins, telling one story of Iran. I had come to see Persepolis, known as Land of the Persians and the Kingdom of Darius the Great. The great staircase leading to Persepolis was so wide to allow crowds…

Isfahan is Half the World

A Persian proverb states that Isfahan is half the world. The size and splendor of the Maydan e Imam is enough to take your breath away.

Gardens in Shiraz

The scent of orange blossom filled the air as I entered the gardens in the historic Citadel in Shiraz. Carpets of Persian buttercups covered the lawns. This was just one of several magnificent gardens in Shiraz. Persian gardens typically have a classic structure. They are formal with stone water features running through them which feed…

My Iranian Journey

Iran is a fabulous country to visit but the people are definitely the stars of the show.