Ambitions and Experiences for 2018

IMGP1259That time of year has arrived again when I make my plans for the months ahead and list a number of experiences according to my age. I achieved a lot last year and had a couple of life changing moments. This year I intend to enjoy 2018 and pack as much into it as possible. In fact I am still adding to the list as some things tend to be spontaneous. Here’s a summary of what’s to come in 2018 and shared on this blog.

Walking 100 miles on the South West Coastal Footpath- or at least making a start on this ambition of mine.

Visiting an old favourite – this year I’ll be heading to Amsterdam

A spa day- how could I leave that out?

Exploring a new city- can you guess where it will be. Or- do you have any suggestions?

Losing my target weight- hopefully my new FitBit will help me.

Learning more Spanish- that’s the inspiration I got from visiting Colombia.

Getting something published- watch this space.

At 55- that symbolises Emerald- so where could I celebrate?

Doing something to mark the centenary of Votes for Women in Britain.

Revisiting a favourite childhood place.

Volunteering for something.

Visiting an island– but which one?

Getting close to wildlife.

Doing something environmental- but what?

See somewhere from a new perspective.

Attending a celebration– but what?

Exploring a beautiful garden

Each year I manage to get lots of new experiences and learning, and there are still more things to see and do. Follow the blog to discover more of what I’ll do in 2018- and keep the ideas coming.





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