The Beauty of Botero

I’m not an expert on art but am always open to learning more. Before visiting Colombia I had never heard of Botero. Having just eaten a typical Colombian portion of lunch I needed to walk off the calories so heading to the Botero Museum seemed like a good idea. Botero donated the works of art and the museum is free to enjoy.

Botero’s paintings and sculptures typically exaggerate size (maybe it wasn’t such a good idea to come here after eating a huge meal). It had never seen anything quite like them but was intrigued and beginning to enjoy these portraits. There was a lot of symbolism too. Women tended to be portrayed wearing watches which signifies they are in charge. In the painting of The Family the snakes indicate temptation. In some there is even a self portrait. Ferdinando Botero had donated the works to the museum and the more I looked at them the more intrigued I got. And determined not to look like a Botero painting by exercising more!

Botero was from Medellin and I was to see more of his famous sculptures in that city. But for now I watched as visitors posed with the giant hand at the entrance to the museum and wandered the galleries. Apart from hugely exaggerated figures there were still life paintings too. Large cakes and larger women were a theme of this brilliant museum. He is the best known living artist in Latin America and I was so inspired by his work I want to find out more about it.

Going to Bogota? Don’t miss the Botero Museum- it is a must!

January Journeys- visit an art exhibition

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  1. Mel & Suan says:

    Upsized indeed. An interesting way of looking at the world Botero had


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