A Journey like No Other

I haven’t written on this blog for several weeks. The truth is, life changed in an instant through the spring and summer. When i wrote my list of things to do this year one was to spend more time with family. How true that turned out to be.
Mum became really ill this year. Some of my trips and plans were postponed as I spent time caring for her and sharing visits with my siblings. We talked when she was able to, and her world increasingly became confined to the house, a series of carers, and our visits. I promised her when she got better I would take her out for a traditional afternoon tea which she loved (another aim this year).

A few weeks later Mum had a fall and spent 8 weeks in hospital. She died during August, very peacefully, leaving a huge gap in my life. That traditional afternoon tea was still served- but to her friends and family at her wake- just as Mum would have wanted.

I’ll be continuing my stories on this site and have more to add in the next few days. How quickly life can change- but how we must make the most of every moment.

January Journey- afternoon tea in style/ spending more time with family.

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  1. Jeanny the Lakwatchera says:

    How are you doing now?


    1. Thanks for your thoughts. I’m doing fine now but Mum is always in my thoughts.

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      1. Jeanny the Lakwatchera says:

        I’m sorry for your loss. Moms are forever and always. :*

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