Spring Walks and Longer Days

DSCF7723Each year I try to discover something new within a few miles of home. Sometimes the most beautiful places are literally on our doorsteps and are there waiting to be explored. Local footpaths in England are a joy and a wonderful way to see nature at its best.


I just had to walk out of my front door and 500 metres down the road to find a footpath laden with spring flowers. Primroses covered the hedges and as the path led downhill through shadier parts, bluebells appeared. A large patch of yellow cowslips caught my eyes and the pink campions were already blooming. Spring truly had sprung in North Dorset.


Snow white blossom was everywhere lining the hedgerows.It felt good to be out and about in the warm air with butterflies fluttering and colour everywhere. And this walk even led to a pub for a welcome drink!


Sometimes we really forget what is on our own doorsteps and what people travel hundreds of miles to see. Adding a spring walk to a holiday plan is free and a great way to get exercise and enjoy springtime.


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  1. Mel & Suan says:

    Wonderful to have the garden almost at your doorstep!

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