Ambitions and Experiences for 2017


It’s getting to that time of the year again when I work out my list of things I plan to experience and achieve in 2017. Whilst it might seem somewhat late to do this, I use my January birthday to plan for the new year and number the experiences according to my new age. I guess I’ll be a really busy person when I’m 95!

So, here are just a few of the things I’ll be doing to celebrate 54 in 2017. Some I’ll be keeping back as surprises and others are still being decided as I’m always open to ideas.

One of the most exciting things this year will be the start of a walk around the South West Coastal Footpath– all 630 miles of it. This is right on my doorstep and yet I haven’t seen all of the coastline, never mind walk it. So we’ll be starting out doing stages this year and the journeys will be shared online. I think this will continue for a few years to come, given my speed of walking and the other experiences I want to achieve.

I’ll be discovering a new city on my travels- but I also plan to rediscover an old favourite as there are so many beautiful places I want to get to know in depth. Where will these places be? I’m not sure yet so watch this space.

Watch out for my springtime stories from North Cyprus and one place where I’ll be getting really dirty.

I’ll be learning Spanish this year in preparation for a visit somewhere where that language is spoken. And I aim to pass my Journalism Diploma.I’m not sure what I’ll volunteer for this year but it is sure to bring some new experiences.

More general aims include losing 3kg of weight as a target, decorating a room in my house, and getting my financial affairs in order (I always seem to put this off but it needs doing). After all that I’ll need a day in a spa to relax.

I’ll also aim to take a photo every day for the year- and post some of the best on this blog.Some will record my visits to mark the 200th anniversary of the death of Jane Austen and to see Lorna Doone country. I’ll be marking the release of a movie in the summer by visiting a place filled with legends.

So, there are the first 16. More will follow.

Experiences to Read About on the Blog

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Visit something that just opened

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