A Magnitude of MOOC Courses


This year I decided to learn one or two new skills and was delighted to discover the MOOC courses. These are free bite size programmes that are offered by universities and colleges across the world to anyone who registers. MOOC stands for Massive Online Open Courses. I couldn’t resist and chose mindfulness. These courses definitely open the door to other possibilities.

Typically, once enrolled there are weekly emails with the course content and webinars. There’s usually an online forum to interact with other students. The range of courses is vast and there’s anything from quantum physics to genomics to creative writing. Once the course is completed there is an option of getting a certificate which has a charge. These subjects are great for travellers too- if you just wanted to learn about Ancient Greek history before going to Athens you can do so- and there are lots of language courses.

I had heard a lot about mindfulness and decided to enrol on that course to get the basics. It definitely taught me some good techniques and the material was easy to follow. I could also study in my own time for a couple of hours each week. What I like is you get a taster of the subject and can always pay to do more in depth studies.

MOOC courses are available on various platforms online. I like FutureLearn and the other popular site is EdX. The range of subjects will blow your mind- so much so I already booked myself in for a January course. The subject may also give you a clue as to what I’ll be doing on my January Journeys in 2017. I’m booked on a Spanish language course!

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